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OUTFIT: Girls Like Me Belong to the Rain

July 24, 2016Saskia C.

Every now and then, even the greatest fashion queens have to ask themselves a very important, life-altering question: "is my aesthetic really worth dying of heatstroke for?" For me, the answer is 'no' which is the main reason I haven't posted an outfit in a while. Ever since Summer's arrived, I've been avoiding body-covering fabrics as best as I can. Luckily I still had these pictures sitting on my hard drive; this is the outfit I wore to two of my friends' wedding.

Flower crown: Restyle - Sunglasses: eBay - Necklace: Voltaire/Alchemy Gothic - Dress: Spin Doctor - Bracelet: Restyle - Rings: WGT + eBay - Tights: eBay - Boots: Demonia - Purse: Killstar
It turned out I'd missed the part where guests were advised against wearing heels. I should probably have figured that out by myself, the wedding being held in the ruins of a castle at the top of some very steep rocks. I'm still trying to understand how my boots have survived their rocky trial, and how I've managed to not break any of my bones.

How much jewellery is too much, amiright? Since my outfits are usually quite minimalistic, this amount of accessories seems bordering on insane but I'm on a long and challenging journey of self-improvement. Accessorizing, it's srs bsns.

To make up for the fact that I had one too many accessories dangling from my body, I'd left my makeup quite minimalistic. It had been a while since I'd last used my purple eyeshadows and for the life of me I can't figure out why. I skipped lipstick because I didn't feel like having to touch up my makeup every time I'd so much as glanced at a glass of wine.

These pictures really took me back to a time when life was easy and free of sunburn, heatstroke, and ill-functioning fans. Now it's time to crawl back under a rock and hide from the vicious daystar. Are any of you pining for moderate temperatures or am I the only one who despises summer? Comfy jumpers are bae, baring skin is not; I'm just not equipped to deal with this weather.

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  1. Yeah...it was over 100 F this weekend. Definitely not sweating up my good clothes. Love the romantic\fancy goth style you've got here

  2. It's been terrible here and same thing...not sweating up my good clothing. I've been wearing a lot of tank dresses with bike shorts underneath, minimal jewelry and sticking with cotton.

    You look lovely and the view looks wonderful :)

  3. You are SO stunning!

  4. The setting looks lovely! Stunning outfit! Love all the accessories! It's winter here but Aussie winter is not that cold! During the day it can still be quite hot!

  5. I love the sun as it's good for my depression but absolutely hate the summer itself. It's all sticky heat, sunburn and sweat in the UK and we haven't even go to August yet.

  6. I live in the deep American South, and it has been so bloody hot this Summer. What's worse is that the air conditioning in the upstairs of my house is broken, so every time I go into my room to do anything, I start sweating. I had to go bra-less and makeup-less and wear a pair of cut off shorts today. You look great despite the heat.

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