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Stare Into the Void With Me - What's in My Bag?

June 06, 2016Saskia C.

If you know me at all this probably won't come as a surprise to you, but I tend to carry around a lot of things. 'Too many' according to some people, up until the moment where I'm carrying the exact item they need. Because I want to bring all of my belongings everywhere at all times, I like a bag whose size is comparable to, say, the void.

The bag on the right is my current void-sized bag. It can hold all of my stuff and for the things that don't fit, there's a gazillion tiny pockets. For parties, I use my Killstar coffin bag, if only to stop me from dragging along the same amount of stuff when I'm also planning to dance.

LRTB: headphones - earplugs - contact lens case - glasses - umbrella - train card - wallet - book - hair brush - water bottle - phone - sunglasses - handkerchief - painkillers - hand cream - lip balm - notebook - pencil case
Pictured above is the standard amount of things I carry in my bag. Sometimes I'll bring more, but never less. If they'd make bags that were big enough, I'd carry around an apocalypse emergency pack at all times. My keys are not pictured because I'm paranoid.

Behold, my glorious Welcome to Night Vale phone case.
It may look like I'm only posting this picture to brag about my amazing phone case, but there is another reason. When I wanted to buy this particular bag, it was extremely difficult to find pictures of the actual size so I was slightly taken aback by how small it was when I finally saw it in real life. Not taken aback enough not to buy it, though. I like a challenge.

LRTB: Contact lens case - sunglasses - ear plugs - wallet - phone - handkerchief - painkillers - lipstick - eye pencil - lip balm
And pictured above, the standard contents of my party bag. Even though I hardly ever need it, I always bring something to touch up my make-up; I just know that my lipstick will get messed up if I don't carry it around because that's just how the universe works.

Are you as obsessive about the contents of your bag as I am or, shock and horror, are you comfortable leaving the house with everything you need stuffed in your pockets? And if so, how do you live? 

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  1. I have the same "void" bag as you but in black. I just love how you can fit all the things you need in it even for a over night trip! :'D And I also know the feeling that when you won't bring a eyeliner, of course your make up will get messed up..

    Leaving the house seems kinda unnatural for me if I'm not carrying a bag.. Probably because I wear a lot of clothes that don't have ANY pockets what so ever. And jackets that have tiny pockets. :'D
    Damn you clothing companies!

  2. Nice phone case! Where did you get it? I've go the Khoshekh phone case!

  3. I also like small bags for parties. Preferably with no or short straps, because dancing or moving with a floppy bag is so annoying. I generally don't carry a purse. I do everything on my phone and I buy things with pockets. Lol today I didn't wear anything with pockets and I just held my phone,wallet,keys in my hand until I got to work.

  4. Haha, same as you, big void, lots of stuff!

  5. That is a lot! I thought my water bottle and mini umbrella were a lot!

  6. Definitely a void type bag :D I veer between wanting bags as dark as the night aka my Restyle Moon Messenger and really brightly coloured - usually surf brands like Roxy or Animal XD

  7. I never understood the need of huge bags to be honest. With my bags I have my daily bit of tetris game (and still laughing at last years wgt (if i remember right) when I was packing my stuff in that coffin bag and someone was watching me. I said next time I needed to bring that tetris soundtack with me. Next day, same guy was next to me while I again was trying to fit everything in (let's talk about coincindences huh?) and played it on his phone XD
    anyways, all my other bags are quite as tiny but I still have everything that I need with me: sunglasses, mobile, my wallet, keys, wet toilet paper, perfume, painkillers and some stuff that I could emergency-fix my makeup as well.
    Color me impressed with all the things you have in that huge bag though :-D



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