Bag Wishlist: Occult Edition

April 26, 2016Saskia C.

Confession: there are way too many bags on my wishlist. That's not actually my fault but that of women's clothing designers, who have decided that women have no need for normal-sized pockets. Why would anyone want to give women pockets when the alternative - selling them overpriced handbags - is so, so much better?
But let's be real here, I do love bags. I tend to carry around far too many unnecessary items in my handbag but then again, I would hardly call being prepared for the zombie apocalypse a flaw in character.

Occult backpack - Moon Child bag - Moon messenger bag - Cult wallet - Bat Outta Hell backpack
Still sobbing over that Moon Child bag because I need it in my life. It looks like you could throw all of your belongings in there and you'd still have room to harbour a small child, which is pretty much everything I look for in a bag. But alas, I need to be strong and save up money for Wave Gotik Treffen. If I don't find my taste in bags there, something is seriously wrong with me.

Would you carry around any of these bags? Which is your favourite? And speaking of WGT, who's going this year? If you see me, come say hi and please don't mind my non-existent social skills. At least I'm funny on the internet.

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  1. Good looking set. I would definitely give a home to Occult backpack and Moon messenger bag. But at the moment, I really don't need more bags of any kind.
    I too tend to carry way too much stuff around with me. You never know when you need all those cat toys, rulers and hand creams. :D

  2. Oh god, I love all of those. I carry all of my things in a Disturbia backpack, the straps have come off a few times but I love it.

  3. I really like the Moonchild bag! I am always a little cautious about Pentagram-like designs in public because I never know how people would react!

  4. Nice collection. I own the Moon Messenger and it is MASSIVE and so sturdy so it would probably be perfect for a festival :D Supposedly it can convert to a backpack but I think you need very scrawny arms for it to work. The straps ended up too short on me when I tried it but I am plus-size and broad-shouldered XD

  5. I want all of them. :O I love the Moon Messenger and the adorable bat backpack the most. I´ve actually seen the backpack on chinesse sites and I´m really thinking about trying to buy it. It´s half the price and I know that it will probably be half the quality, but I would use it very often anyways and I just can´t afford to spend so much money on a bag (and that shipping :D)

  6. I'm not really a bag person, but I do like the one on the top right. the moon child bag would be perfect, if it weren't for the words "moon child"--one of my pet peeves is random words on clothing.

  7. That moonchild bag definitely is pretty! but with most huge bags it looks too squishy for me, I would not be able to search for what I need because probably nothing would stay in place... still pretty thing! did you find a bag at agra?



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