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September 23, 2014Saskia C.

A while ago I started to notice a trend in alternative blogger land - some of my favourite goth bloggers appeared to have fallen in love with a brand named Killstar. Of course I was intrigued and made the horrible mistake of looking them up - so the pining had begun. I had fallen head over heels in love with their witch hood dress which, I'm happy to say, I finally bought two weeks ago. The dress fits like a glove and is more flattering than I had dared to hope. The fabrics and overall quality are also quite good - long story short, I was very enthusiastic about my purchase. 

Obviously, I've got a serious problem now: I need more. This is only a small selection of the items on their website that I desperately crave. 

This is my first collage ever - please don't judge me (too harshly)
Pastel bat skater dress - Weirdo vest dress - Ouija crop top - Ribcage knit sweater - Coffin handbag
I love how most of their clothes have a rather witchy (or cultist-y, even?) vibe while at the same time being cute, quirky and even funny - clothes for the ironic goth, if you will. You also won't hear me complain about the recent trend to incorporate references to The Craft and other spooky 90s films in just about everything. The only thing I'm still not overly fond of the use of pentagrams and the St. Peter's cross, but that may just be me. 
Part of my sudden longing for these items may also stem from the fact that I've recently finished watching American Horror Story Coven (finally) and was blown away by its sheer awesomeness. So yes, I can definitely get behind these witchy influences. 

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  1. Wow, thanks for linking this brand, it's so cool! Some good choices you got there :D

  2. That handbag is so cool! It's just so damn expensive, but maybe one day I'll give in ;D I'm writing this wearing Kill Star Occult leggings, which are super comfy and work with any solid black top, just my kind of clothing!



  4. Lovee it! I need some Killstar clothes in my life (AKA that Ouija crop!) Your collage is really good! Which program did you end up using? :3

    1. Aww, thank you! I used Photofiltre which isn't perfect but at least my (sucky) laptop can run it without crashing.

  5. Oh my, why did you do this to meeeee! ;p I had to look it up and I fell in love, which is double painful because I have no money now for (further ;) ) clothing orders :<



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